• T.L. I was constantly cracking my own neck and never realized it was a problem. I thought it was normal to feel pain and crack it myself, although sometimes it would feel worse. After Dr. Laridaen explained why it was bad for me to do this to myself I felt like I had done damage but didn’t know how to stop the habit. She adjusted my neck for the first time and it felt so much better. After only 2 adjustments I realized I don’t feel like I have to crack it myself anymore, and it hasn’t been sore for more than 3 months! Thank you Dr. Laridaen for helping me to correct my bad habit.
  • S.O. A year ago, I walked in to the office of Dr. Dana Laridaen. As a 26 year old active individual, I had one of the “worst” backs she had ever seen in someone my age. After reviewing my x-rays with me, she devised an effective treatment plan. Dr. Laridaen always checked with me to make sure that my pain was decreasing, and if I had a flare up or any problems, I knew I could always walk in to her office for a tune up. A year later, I am now a “Maintenance” patient. I see Dr Laridaen with no pain. Regardless of weather I was in her office 3 days a week, once a week, or once
    a month, the standard of care never changed. It was always excellent. I would, and have recommend Dr. Laridaen and her staff to everyone I know. As a skeptic, I am always very cautious of any new doctor that I see. Dr. Laridaen has exceeded my expectations in every way.
  • N.B. When I first came to Dr. Laridaen, I had this tingling in my hands which was freaking me out. It happened after an accident, and I was worried that it would never go away. After only a couple of weeks, the tingling stopped. Whenever my job literally gives me a pain in the neck, I go to Dr. L and she works her magic and it feels better. If you have crazy knots in your shoulders like me, ask her to adjust them. Sooo much better. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was nervous because I was imagining a balding used car salesmen. Dr. L is basically the opposite. She's as easy as a friend to talk to, makes you feel better and is willing to work with your schedule. Thanks!!!!
  • K.L. Over the past year, Dr. Dana Laridaen has guided me to health from severe scoliosis. I was elated when I learned she had opened her own office and that the healing would continue in her beautiful new tranquil and serene office. Dr Dana is a breath of fresh air in the medical field today and truly cares about the well-being and good feeling of all her clients. She has the magic touch and takes a personal interest in each and every one of her patients and has assembled the most talented staff to assist her (Lorraine is a fantastic massage therapist). The best part is she makes me, the patient, a part of my own healing team. I can bring her any question about anything, and she goes over the answers and makes sure I understand completely, even one year later.
    Her rates can't be beat. Even without insurance her care can fit into a budget, and she won't take you into some room on your first visit to try and get more money out of you, or put you through unnecessary tests to bill your insurance like other places I've been. This is because Dr Laridaen's objective is to help people who need it, giving them the best care possible. I love her workout area in the back and she's always showing me new exercises that help strengthen my back, but also to help me overall, like leg work to make my new running hobby easier. Street parking is easy on 29th street and free.

    After straightening my spine out and getting my neck to bend the right way, I now consult her about everything from running advice to headache remedies. These days, when it comes to my physical being, Dr Laridaen is the boss of me, and that's that!
  • E.L. Dr. Laridaen is a phenomenal chiropractor! I never fail to leave her office feeling like a new person! She helped me go from severe pain daily to no pain at all with a little maitenance each month.
    She takes her time, listens to your issues and addresses them immediately! Great bedside manner and amazing at what she does!
  • C.H. Dr. Dana is absolutely amazing. She helped my bulging disk and I cannot thank her enough. I see her regularly to keep everything in check.